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Is it worth it to perform rituals yourself?

Is it worth it to perform rituals yourself?

Magic is a powerful tool that in the wrong hands brings only harm. Therefore, to the question of whether it is worth performing rituals yourself, the answer can be only one – it is not worth it! 

The visible world and the invisible world are inextricably linked. We are surrounded by energy from everywhere. We are accompanied by angels, demons and other supernatural entities, good and bad, and even the energies of dead people who refuse to accept that the end of their life in the mortal world has come. And although we can’t see them, to them we are not invisible. Performing a ritual always means drawing the attention of an unspecified energy. We never know what energy will find us a particularly attractive target for itself. So we are not sure what energy we will attract to ourselves. The truth is, however, that it is usually a negative energy that wants to feed on our fears and lead us to self-destruction. It is not easy to free ourselves from it. Sometimes it is even impossible. Naturally, professional esotericists are also exposed to the indicated risks. But that is why they are professionals, because they know how to effectively protect themselves from the energy of a supernatural entity that wants to cause harm.

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To perform an effective and safe ritual requires years of practice, experience, extensive knowledge and the right character traits of the person who wants to perform it. The ability to meditate, that is, to clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and concentrate, is required. Magical activities are performed in an altered state of consciousness, hence the ability to concentrate completely is a prerequisite. One must be able to restrain one’s fears and phobias, otherwise one will bring serious trouble upon oneself. The biggest nightmares will turn into reality. One must also be characterized by an unshakable faith in the effectiveness of magic. And remember that magical spells are powerful and no joke with them – they can be dangerous. When casting them, you need to be completely focused on them and feel the emotions that go along with their content. For example, when casting a love spell, you must not feel hatred, you must feel love. Finally, one must also know ways to strengthen one’s energy and protect it. Thus, it can be seen that it is not enough to know the descriptions of the rituals, the objects needed to perform them and the magic formulas. And this is how it is presented on the Internet. It is worth finding a professional esotericist who has the performance of rituals mastered to perfection.

Why did the commissioned ritual not work?

It happens that despite the commissioning of a certain ritual to a professional esotericist, a week, month or year will pass, and we will not experience the desired result. Then it is worth bearing in mind that the magical action did not bring the desired effect for reasons beyond the control of the contractor of the order. Because the success of the ritual is ultimately determined by the Will of the Cosmos. And this one can be unfavorable to us. At least not because it wants to annoy us. It’s just that the Universe knows better than us what is good and what is bad for us.


Telepathy-is it a real phenomenon?

Telepathy-is it a real phenomenon?

The phenomenon of telepathy has been known to humans for a very long time. It refers to the ability to communicate or transmit information to someone, so to speak, “at a distance”, in non-verbal form. Until now, it has been assumed that telepathic communication is most often carried out by people with strong emotional ties – such as lovers, spouses, parents and children, siblings, very close friends, etc. Meanwhile, it turns out that a similar phenomenon can also take place in a larger group, also related to each other, such as within a tribe.

A story from Australia, for example, is cited about a researcher-scientist person traveling with a group of indigenous people. During the march, at one point one of the guides stopped and stood for a moment motionless, with his hands raised, firmly focused. After a while, he gave the whole group this information: a tribesman located x kilometers away from them had hunted an animal (a kangaroo), except that he was unable to transport it whole. Accordingly, he “asked” the guide if he could cut off part of the prey so that he could carry it more easily. The guide “remotely” gave him such permission. What was the researcher’s astonishment when, having met the aforementioned hunter with his prey a few hours later, she noticed that it was indeed a kangaroo, moreover, devoid of a tail. The telepathic message was one hundred percent in line with the facts!

In earlier times telepathic abilities were somehow identified with magic and sorcery. It is possible that a person possessing them was considered a witch, a witch, and as a result of unfair accusations and crafted evidence, ended his life on the gallows or at the stake. Nowadays, phenomena of this type are described and taken somewhat more seriously. It is believed that telepathy, along with clairvoyance, belong to the field called extrasensory perception or extrasensory perception (pp for short).

How is telepathy different from clairvoyance? Telepathic messages are quite subjective, relating to someone’s feelings, impressions, perceptions, also intuitive hunches. Clairvoyance, on the other hand, deals with more objective matters, such as specific events that are yet to take place. However, both telepathy and clairvoyance are two facets of the same phenomenon. It is possible that a person sending a message with information will use both.

An interesting phenomenon is the case of a six-year-old girl diagnosed with a case of autism, who was able to read her mother’s mind. The child is receiving care appropriate to her needs, and an experiment to test her unusual abilities was conducted at the center that runs the girl’s educational sense, in the presence of psychologists and a local newspaper reporter.

And indeed, the information communicated to the mother on a regular basis, the child (who had no physical contact with her for the duration of the experiment) recorded with the help of a laptop. And this time the consistency of the message exceeded 90%. This is all the more astonishing, since by the age of three the girl was absorbing new information with great difficulty, even information with the simplest meaning. It also goes a long way to explaining the fact that despite learning difficulties and trouble concentrating and focusing in the long run, the girl did very well on tests to check her progress in learning and development.

Any way you look at the matter, the phenomenon of telepathy has long fascinated people, and for those who experience it directly it is certainly an unforgettable experience.



Reincarnation is the view that a person’s spirit or consciousness, after the death of one person, returns to earth to be reincarnated in another person – this is the most common understanding, but it is also possible to be reborn in a new incarnation in the form of an animal, some plant or, finally, a mineral.

The name itself comes from Latin from the words re, in, caro, meaning to reincarnate. Other terms encountered for reincarnation are metempsychosis or transmigration.

The greatest importance is attached to reincarnation in Hinduism. In this religious system, it is assumed that the cycle of death and the soul’s reappearance repeats itself continuously until full enlightenment. Man by himself directly has no influence on what form he will come to be reborn in, but to a certain extent this can be influenced by the desires of the soul and its fate, the so-called karma. Karma is something like the sum of deeds from previous incarnations. These deeds can be good or bad, depending on a person’s conduct in previous lives. Similarly, karma – it can be good or bad. The more good deeds, the greater the positive balance at the end of life, the greater the chance of reincarnation in a more advanced existence. Conversely, the more bad deeds and less good done in life, the worse the entity in which the soul will reside in the next life.

The circle of reincarnation can only be broken when full enlightenment, also known as nirvana, is achieved. Nirvana is also commonly understood as the absence of any suffering. Having reached the state of nirvana, one also gets rid of any desires.

According to sources interested in the subject: “Achieving this state is the same as breaking the continuous cycle of birth and death, or simply the cycle associated with the rebirth of the soul in various forms. A person who, through careful Buddhist practice, has succeeded in achieving the state of nirvana departs forever from the world as we know it(…)”

The quoted quote shows the point of view of people who are close to Buddhism, interested in it, or who practice it. And how do other religions view the issue of reincarnation?

Belief in reincarnation was a popular view among the early followers of Christianity. However, this doctrine was removed from that religion in later centuries by church authorities, as it was inconvenient to the church’s policies of the time. However, the New and Old Testaments contain many quotations referring to reincarnation. A frequently used example is Jesus’ statement that John the Baptist “is the Elijah who was to come” (Matthew 11:14).

Some interest in the wandering of souls in successive incarnations can also be found in Kabbalism ( in Judaism) and in followers of the Sufi factions of Islam.

Interesting from the point of view of those interested in reincarnation are the stories of young children about the details of their previous incarnations. Interestingly, usually these children are so young that it would be difficult to suspect them of learning the information (or the entire “previous life”) by heart. Nevertheless, this is an open question, not scientifically verified, just like reincarnation itself.

What are the strongest spells

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Symptoms of Curses

In this article, I will describe the most important symptoms of curses. I will focus on psychological, spiritual and physical factors. So when it comes to psychological factors, the initial symptom is prolonged nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, insecurity. Then there is apathy, distance from people, exhaustion, depression. In the third stage, psychosis, attacks of fury, and suicidal thoughts can occur. The victim is unable to function normally.

Spiritual symptoms express themselves through the feeling of being trapped and restless dreams. Nightmares appear in the next stage. The person under the curse begins to claim that they are being watched by shadow figures. However, it should be remembered, as exorcists themselves claim, that curses are often confused with mental illnesses. A person’s strange behavior can be caused by a traumatic experience, or even a matter such as a lack of vitamins.

Physical symptoms are expressed through the fear of illness, there may also be contusions and accidents. The victim cannot cope with the organization of the day. On her way there are many other people suffering from misfortune – addicted or mentally ill people. Psychosomatic diseases such as neurosis, fatigue, and night sweats are likely. In the third stage, the victim becomes seriously ill for no apparent reason, the stress causes migraines and headaches. Weight loss is occurring. There are panic attacks, diarrhea. Recovery may take more than a year.